Temperature is one of the most important factors to consider in many industries such as food and beverages. As a key variable to ensure quality and freshness, automated temperature measurement is vital to the success and safety of your operation. From processing to storage, we take a look at the various crucial touch points in different industries when looking at automating temperature.

Firstly, what is automated temperature measurement? Much like the name itself describes, it is the use of technology, sensors and regulators to ensure that temperature in an environment is maintained in compliance with various industries, all while recording this constant data.

So when do we use automated temperature measurement?

  • Food and Beverages Industry – Temperature monitoring and regulation is an important part when manufacturing and regulating the production, storage and transport of food and beverages to ensure optimal food life and safety. 
  • Health Care – with the outbreak of the Covid-q9 pandemic over the course of the last year, we have monitored and noticed now, possibly more than ever in public interest, where automated temperature measurement is necessary in healthcare, particularly with the global roll out of the Coronavirus vaccination plans. From testing to manufacturing of medications, to the carefully transporting and storing medicines and vaccinations worldwide, it is vital that all critical items are stored and regulated in the ideal temperatures, air pressure and humidity levels with real time temperature monitoring. 
  • Product Manufacturing – as a broad overview in industries and manufacturing, temperature measurement is playing a key role to ensure temperatures are balanced between set parameters to ensure the highest and consistent quality in manufacturing.

Choosing the right automated temperature measurement tools is a crucial decision when factoring in the needs, lifespan, use, budget, measuring and accuracy requirements needed from automating these systems. Temperature measurement boasts huge potential when accurately understanding what it can do for you and your industry.

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