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Pulse Control Systems provides the water and wastewater industry with the most state of the art water automated solutions.

Water is life, and sanitation is dignity. That is our motto at Pulse Control Systems. An industry such as water and wastewater is vital to every human on the planet. The human body needs water on a daily basis to not only let us live but also for us to operate at an optimal level. The water we need, must however be clean and the variety of companies and projects in this sector aims to deliver the absolute best quality water available. Places such as wastewater treatments plants go beyond the human connection by also improving the quality of the water in our lakes, oceans and rivers. In order to be efficient and give back to the environment and people as a whole, this industry needs straightforward management of operations. Pulse’s water automation and control solutions gives companies the most accurate water measurement Durban, and other locales, has to offer.


Pulse is the demonstrated water and wastewater answer.

With products and services being used in places such as Umgeni Water, eThekwini Municipality, ERWATS and Rand Water, Pulse Control Systems is at the forefront of supplying automated systems to the water and waste water industry. Providing our customers with the best possible service is a strict rule and our history shows that we have and continue to do so for water/waste water companies. Our services fulfil a variety of needs for our customers, maintaining that their operations run as smoothly as possible utilising the most state of the art systems.


A location such as Umgeni Waters processes up to 600 million litres of water a day, delivering it to the entirety of Durban, so it is vital that they function at their peak. Water being abstracted from the many dams around South Africa ends up at water treatment works, where processing takes place. If the automated arrangement is faulty at any point, it will affect hundreds of thousands of people. It is therefore imperative that the process is controlled via the best possible methods. Pulse Control Systems has helped implement these methods in places such as the aforementioned.

Our products and services solve diverse requirements in the water/wastewater industry. Be it a reservoir, service station or the multitude of other locations, we make sure that you can administer the work of your business the way that it is compulsory to do. Level control, filter automation and water measurement and treating are just a few of the utilities that we dispense. We hope to equip you with all the tools you need to guide your company to the very top of the water and wastewater industry.

Pulse Control Systems is an independent market specialist, designing and supplying customized automated solutions to the manufacturing industry of South Africa.

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Pulse Control Systems is an independent market specialist, designing and supplying customized automated solutions to the manufacturing industry of South Africa. Utilizing the latest technology from world class suppliers. With innovative and flexible applications we deliver on time and within budget to the highest international standards.