Industry Solutions

Pulse Control Systems is an independent supplier and designer of specialized automation and control solutions. In doing so, Pulse uses the most state of the art technology to provide a multitude of industries with peace of mind in their operations. These industries are continually being satisfied by our first class products and services.

These industries include Water and Wastewater where we provide products such as level controllers to reservoirs and other water companies, in order to maintain optimal output. We also work closely with Mining and Metals companies providing solutions such as belt scales during the processing phase, making the workplace safer and more efficient. Furthermore, another industry we have made a huge impact on is Food and Beverage where our offerings allow for the best tasting product through the use of maintenance for factors such as pressure and temperature. Our final main industry that we work is Chemical and Petrochemical in which we provide assurance for things such as maintenance of flow through our time proven solutions.

Although these four sectors are where we are busiest, we also are completely invested in automation and control in many other industries. Please select an industry below for further details on it, or select General Automation to find out about the many other types of companies we work with.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Chemical control Durban – using industry leading quality solutions. Allow your company run smoother than ever with Pulse Systems.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage automation provided by Pulse Systems allows you to create the most delicious products, on time and under budget.

Mining and Metals

Flow measurement Durban – Mining and metals automation using the most state of the art solutions allow companies to be safer and more effective today.

Water and Wastewater

Water measurement Durban: Products and services that allow your water or wastewater operation to run as smoothly as possible with Pulse System’s time proven solutions.

General Automation

Pulse Control Systems offers a wide of automation and control solutions to a large spectrum of industries. Our customizable approach means our products and services work every single time.


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Pulse Control Systems is an independent market specialist, designing and supplying customized automated solutions to the manufacturing industry of South Africa. Utilizing the latest technology from world class suppliers. With innovative and flexible applications we deliver on time and within budget to the highest international standards.