Pulse Control Systems is an independent market specialist, designing and supplying customised automated solutions to the manufacturing industry of South Africa. Utilising Siemens technology with innovative and flexible applications we deliver on time and within budget to the highest international standards.


Instrumentation Integration

At Pulse Control Systems, it is our most vital goal to match customers challenges with technology that is completely suitable for their specific automation and control needs. Through instrumentation integration, we fix problems via the sale and implementation of state of the art products. Should you need multiple solutions installed, we are able to effectively connect all of them to allow for seamless automation and control. We also offer trials and demos in order to make sure that the instrumentation we are integrating is perfect for your specific process. With our team of experts at hand, we provide all our clients with reliable answers to your problems whenever needed.


Technical Support

Our team of experienced experts have been efficiently trained to solve any problem that a customer might have in our field. Our solution focused approach takes you on a journey that corrects any automation and control error that you may have. With a lightning fast reaction time, we always offer an unmatchable response speed that fixes your issues on time, every time. Furthermore, through the use of highly advanced equipment, we make sure that your automation and control process is running seamlessly. All of these aspects allow us to help you on every technical level, at the site of the problem.


Plant automation

Looking at the broader picture, one of the main services we have on offer is the connection of your entire operation via automation and control solutions. Our plant automation assistance consists of us connecting the various process parameters, making sense of it and managing it effectively. Using our experience and knowledge, the team at Pulse optimizes your location of operation to allow for consistent automation and control. No longer do you need to worry about your business, with Pulse you are offered complete piece of mind.

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