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Pulse Control Systems uses the absolute latest automated systems and flow measurement to allow for effective operations in the mining and metals sector.

Complexity is a part of all kinds of work but is perhaps most pertinent to the mining and metals industry. After minerals and metals have been excavated from the earth, they need to be processed, converted and moved. Companies providing these services must deal with major roadblocks getting their work done on a daily basis. Rising energy costs, water scarcity, harsh climates and remote sites are just a few of the challenges that this industry faces. It is therefore imperative for things to run as smoothly as possible with the most control. Pulse’s solutions and cutting edge products provides the sector with the best mining and metals automation and control offerings on the market today.

Pulse continues to provide the mining and metals industry with peace of mind.

Safety is imperative within any company or industry. It becomes even more vital when you are dealing with a sector such as mining and metals which deals with large and dangerous elements on a daily basis. The mining and metals industry, much like any other, needs to follow strict and clear methods of operation. The smallest error can result in the endangerment of workers lives. Pulse is here to provide the most certain safety and guaranteed quality for the mining and metals industry with their automated service solutions.

In this field, Pulse’s products and services are used after the actual mining of minerals is done and during the processing/conversion phase. Processing plants as well as other locations need to be able to operate as efficiently as possible. Be it moving or processing rocks, solids and raw metals,

Pulse provides companies in this industry with the most state of the art automated technology products and services on the market. These products include belt scales, level controllers for rock catchments/carriers as well water based automation devices such as flowmeters used in the smelting phase. Our products help support some of the biggest mining and metals companies in the country, including Assmang Manganese, Tronox, Richards Bay Minerals etc.

Using our automated mining and metals solutions will allow your operations to run as smoothly as possible, mitigating the risk factor greatly. Not only that but you will save time and money as you will be running at the best possible performance, creating the highest quality output that you will ever see. Our automated services in the mining and metals industry provides users with peace of mind in a sector that needs the most advanced technical attention. We hope to provide you with all the products and services you need to operate at the very highest level.

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Pulse Control Systems is an independent market specialist, designing and supplying customized automated solutions to the manufacturing industry of South Africa.

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Pulse Control Systems is an independent market specialist, designing and supplying customized automated solutions to the manufacturing industry of South Africa. Utilizing the latest technology from world class suppliers. With innovative and flexible applications we deliver on time and within budget to the highest international standards.