Thinking back, 2020 seemed like a far distant future to many of us. We were possibly thinking of the movie version of flying cars and robots taking over. In reality, that currently looks a bit different but not all together unrealistic. We take a look at how automation is and will carry on changing the world.

As of mid-2019 the number of robotic machines being used globally had increased by 3x in comparison to the previous two decades. With technology being relied upon and implemented more across the world and industries, we look deeper into what automation is capable of doing and how it will help your business.

How will using technology improve your processes and systems?

  • Change to your labour and output – The reality of it is, robots are increasingly efficient in performing tasks that were previously done by humans. With increases in technological developments, the capabilities of automation is becoming more and more refined, skilled and adapted into many industries. While impacting your employees and labour force is a scary and daunting idea, especially in our current economy and climate, there is a very real threat to the labour force through automation. Automation means we could get the same goods out, around the clock, with limited need for humans to do every step.
  • Advances in technology – With the growth around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation being more widespread and easier to implement in more industries. The advances in technology are to benefit the exact point of use and simplify more processes. Technological advancements are set to revolutionize how we currently conduct our manufacturing.
  • Less room for error automating your systems means that you are potentially removing human error and inconsistencies in manufacturing. You can ensure a standard condition and classification of your goods, priding yourself on consistent quality and the costs written off due to faults.
  • Safety- removing a high risk, hazardous or harmful environment for your labour force means that there is less risk of at work injuries or damage. Robotic machinery has the capability to almost, if not fully take over your manufacturing operations. Sanitation, health and safety are all positive aspects to factor in when thinking how automation can help you.
  • Cost – saving you time, labour, errors and more, the long-term cost effectiveness of automation is a very intriguing and favouring factor.

As we follow how automation will change the world, we look at all industries and how we can improve, upgrade and increase the output of many products and services. How would you like to see automation assist your industry? Find out how we can help.