While many of us never expected 2020 to unfold the way it has, encountering a global pandemic and lockdown has seen a change in how we do our day-to-day business. Digital and online companies were able make a rapid move to work from home policies and keep their businesses running at a higher capacity than many other business verticals could. 

The mining sector has been badly hit by the COVID-19 spread in South Africa. Having trustworthy automated systems in place at the processing/conversion phase can keep operations running as safely as possible, and in turn keeping your valuable workers safe.

With the statistics saying that we are gearing up with this to be our new normal for the foreseeable future, we take a look at how to get the mining industry as back on track as possible by implementing automated systems.

Challenges Faced by the Mining Industry

While pre-Covid challenges included rising energy costs, employee safety, water shortages, unreliable power sources, remote site operations and more, the hard lockdown saw the manufacturing and industrial sector screech to a grinding halt. While these factors are still in play with the opening of the South African economy, the very nature of mining has encountered many new challenges such as social distancing, risk of employees infected with the Coronavirus and new external economic factors.

How can we assist the mining industry

Simply put, automation. By mechanising and programming many areas of the mining industry with state of the art technology products and services, designed speficially for mining productions, our automated solutions include the implementation of:

  • Belt scales, 
  • Level controllers for rock catchments/carriers,
  • And water based automation devices. 

Our excellent track record at some of the biggest mining and metals companies in the country, including Assmang Manganese, Tronox and Richards Bay Minerals, speaks for itself. We can get areas of your mining processed, transformed and moved through automation, keeping your output higher and safety of your employees first. 

Are you in the mining industry or are you interested in how we can help automate your business production and output? Complete the online query form here and our expert team will get in touch with you.