Global energy consumption has seen a rapid increase over the last several years and decades. With an elevated need for chemical substances, automating your chemical plant has possibly been an on-going process to close the gap between raw materials and a finished product. If you hadn’t automated any systems yet, the impact of the Covid 19 global pandemic has possibly encouraged or highlighted the need to get systems mechanised and to look at ways to streamline and programme your systems in a new, efficient way.

What is chemical plant automation?

Simply put, chemical plant automation is implementing and programming technology to do various steps of your manufacturing process. With an on-going need to shorten, simplify and maximise production to get from point A to point B, chemical automation has, and will continue to be beneficial to this industry.

How does this work?

Depending on what systems are in place, chemical plant automation is generally used first and foremost as process control. With a lack of skilled labourers, limited time and concerns for health and safety, automated systems are controlling and sustaining those aspects of a manufacturing process.

The benefits of automating chemical plants:

Control and measure – Increase your performance with precise and measured methods to produce a new product or seperate materials for a different process and outcome.

Process safety – for the health and safety of your employees and the drive for sustainability in our environment globally, automating chemical plants is eliminating several risk factors involved in the manufacturing process. Maintaining the highest standards of safety protects your staff and environment with minimal downtime.

Adaptability and Technology – with technological advancements, automated solutions can range from a single step in the process to factory and plant wide systems.

Efficient production – create quality and foolproof procedures that reduce variation and human error, to spend valuable time to amplify and expand your production and quality output.

There are several other benefits to automating chemical plants, as an independent market specialist, we design and supply customised automation solutions for South African industry. Connect your entire operation through advanced automation and control solutions. Speak to us today for peace of mind.