Simple and Easy Level Control with the SITRANS LU150

Able to provide pinpoint accurate level control, The SITRANS LU150 ultrasonic level measurement transmitter is one of the best pieces of technology on the market today.

Posted on: November 29, 2018, in Updates

Automation and control is a vital need for many companies in a variety of industries. In order to run operations effectively, certain processes need to be relied upon, level control being one of them. Without it, businesses dealing with water, liquids and many other elements are not able to have peace of mind when it comes to their facilities. For example, a water plant needs to monitor the water being stored otherwise there will be a huge loss in money and output. While there are many solutions for problems such as these, Pulse Control Systems believes that the Siemens SITRANS LU150 is perhaps the best answer on the market today.

The SITRANS LU150 is a short-range, non-contacting, low-maintenance ultrasonic level measurement transmitter that integrates both the sensor and electronics into a single sealed unit. Its rugged casing allows it to be resistant to corrosion, chemicals and extreme shock. Its technology is truly cutting edge as it uses Sonic Intelligence echo processing algorithms for its readings. The algorithms use filters to differentiate real material level echoes from the false ones, ensuring pinpoint accurate detection. Its installation is quick and easy too, with its small size and two wire integration, the instrument is able to fit into the smallest of spaces. What all this means is that the LU150 is an incredible piece of technology fit for many applications.

Pulse Control Systems would recommend the SITRANS LU150 to any customer that requires a simple and accurate level control solution. Our team of experienced professionals are able to provide and install the LU150 and any other device that is required. Allow us to assess your location and cater to your specific needs.

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