Product Spotlight – SITRANS P300

SITRANS P300 is one of the latest in cutting edge pressure products made by Siemens. This instrument offers true measuring precision.

Posted on: October 3, 2018, in Updates

Pressure measurement and control is a vital need for a variety of organisations in diverse sectors. There needs to be pinpoint precision that leaves no room for error, allowing for the smoothest processes possible. At Pulse Control Systems, we pride ourselves in implementing the very best instruments that cater to all your pressure needs. We therefore want to make note of one of the very best devices on the market today, the SITRANS P300.

The P300 is one of the latest in cutting edge pressure products made by Siemens. Building on from the SITRANS P DSIII, this instrument offers true measuring precision and capable ruggedness. It comes housed in a stainless steel casing with a laser-printed nameplate. Although it can be used in a variety of sectors, its wide range of hygienic process connections makes it perfect for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

On a more technical side, it has a max deviation in measurement of 0.075% and has a high-viscosity measuring process. Furthermore, it is especially suitable for degrees of protection to IP68 and IP69K. The integration of LCD display, HART or PROFIBUS PA profile 3.0 communication, make it incredibly easy to operate too.

In simpler terms, this information means that the SITRANS P300 is one of the most state-of-the-art implementations any company can have to solve their pressure control needs. The team at Pulse Control Systems make it their vital goal to provide all our clients with the specific integration that is going to offer them total peace of mind. To view some of the products we have available, visit our online store. Otherwise, contact us and lets go in depth and discuss the exact solution that is going to assist you in ways that you don’t even know yet.


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