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How Level Measurement Devices are Used in Fracturing Sand Facilities

Fracturing sand (or frac sand) is an important element of fracking. Because of this Sand facilities require level measurement devices for inventory control.

Posted on: August 15, 2018, in Updates

Process’s of obtaining natural resources have existed for centuries. Man has a long history of using a variety of methods to acquire substances from the Earth. In recent times Hydraulic Fracturing has become widely used by many countries and organisations. Hydraulic Fracturing (or Fracking) refers to procedure by which water is injected into bedrock formations at high pressure. The purpose is to create new fractures in the rock that allows for an increase of gas or oil flow to a well for gathering.

Fracturing sand (or frac sand) is an important element of these operations as it facilitates production by keeping the fractures open. This vital role has resulted in a growing need for frac sand over the past decade. It should be no surprise then that the number of sand processing and proppant plants has increased exponentially. With this has arrived the need for these facilities to maintain inventory levels. To do this, many have adopted level measurement devices as part of their operations. Initially, certain companies feared inaccuracy because of the nature of the sand. To combat this, Siemens introduced the SITRANS LR560 which solved any precision fears. Its high frequency functionality allows for enhanced signal reflection, even from solids with sharp angles.

Installation of a transmitter such as this has allowed for a number of positives with regards to safety and cost. No longer do workers have to climb sand silos to inspect inventory levels. Furthermore, the potential loss of income from incorrect readings is no longer an issue because of the ability to precisely manage levels.

Effectively controlling procedures is an obvious need for not only frac sand locations but also those in a number of other industries. Pulse Control Systems pride ourselves in effectively making sure that all our clients level measurement needs are met at the the highest possible standard.

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