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Pulse Control Systems to sell Ashcroft Instrumentation and Fairchild Industrial Products

October 16, 2019

We are proud to announce that we have been authorized to promote and sell Ashcroft Instrumentation and Fairchild Industrial Products for and on behalf of Protea Automation Solutions in Durban and surrounding Areas. Protea Automation Solutions is the exclusive representative…

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With our dedicated approach to high-quality service and support, each client we deal with is guaranteed all the benefits of our team’s experience and knowledge. No matter what industry they are in, we ensure a quick and easy process that gives them exactly what they need.

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From its headquarters in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, Pulse Control Systems works with its high-end client base to provide end-to-end engineered systems based upon individual needs and requirements.

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Leading the world in automation and connected devices, Siemens knows a thing or two about the importance of cyber-security in the modern age. Building on their vast experience in the industry, Siemens has introduced a revolutionary MindSphere security model.

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With every client that Pulse Control Systems deals with, we ensure that their specific needs are met as soon as possible. Working with companies from diverse industries means that we need to be able to have the knowledge and experience for every situation.

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Just as Pulse Control Systems was celebrating the milestone of another year of delivering exceptional solutions to its clients, the company’s 2019 order book required its teams to get stuck in to find solutions to clients’ challenges from the very onset of the new year.

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The largest bulk water supplier in KwaZulu-Natal, with 100 sand filters, contacted Pulse Control Systems to review their filter operating model.

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Our cost-effective process instrumentation gives you the reliability, seamless integration and automation you need to deliver the best treatment efficiency, optimised energy consumption and safe processes, whether you are modernising existing treatment plants or developing new ones.

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Pulse Control Systems was recently contacted by two power plants that required a flow metering solution. As is the case with all our projects, we first sent our team of experts in to assess the situation to provide recommendations for implementation.

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