Sasol Mining Flow Meters

Installation of Flow Meters for Mining Company at Twisdraai Export Plant.

In 2016, Pulse was contacted by a mining company with a water monitoring request for their Twisdraai Export Plant. Within a short period of time, three flow meters were installed and Sasol were given total measurement control.

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In 2016, Pulse was contacted by a Mining company in Secunda, Mpumalanga with a water monitoring request for their Twisdraai Export Plant.

The Plant has three overland conveyor belts feeding the plant from the 3 different shafts. The conveyor belts get washed at three different locations and that wash water use to be discarded into the environment with negative effects of the coal dust contaminating the surface. Sasol built three catchment dams at these wash sites with a piping system back to a larger dam about 10km away. They wanted to pump the water to these dams after most of the coal dust had settled in the catchment dam. The companies environmental dept. then requested that the volume of water pumped back to the large dam must be measured for record purposes. It was at this point that Pulse was contacted.

The proposal was made to use to use the Siemens SITRANS FM 5100W electromagnetic flow meters because of their ease of use, reliability, and robustness. Within a short period of time, the three flow meters were installed on the conveyor wash water return pipelines and the company was given total measurement control.

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