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The chemical and petrochemical industry is a deeply important sector in the modern world. Without it we would not be able to perform most modern day functions at the ease that we have now, creating major problems for the whole of society. Beyond that, this industry also works with a wide array of chemicals serving many different needs. Safety and reliability is therefore a vital need for companies working in this sector. Control is needed in order to have a trouble-free, energy efficient operation. We offer the very best chemical control Durban (and other locales) have to offer. With Pulse’s chemical automation and control solutions, optimal performance is a complete guarantee.

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Maintaining optimised processes in the chemical and petrochemical sector is imperative for companies working in the sector. Too much or too little of a chemical or petrochemical can have dire effects on the process that it is involved in. Therefore, companies in this industry must ensure ease of operation. Pulse Control Systems provides automated solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry, maintaining a high standard of assembly within any part of the field.

Providing products and services for companies such as Sasol, Engen Petroleum, NATREF, KZN Resins, to mention a few, Pulse Control Systems has a rich history of being a major service provider in the chemical and petrochemical field. This sector is no different to the others that Pulse works with, processes need to be controlled efficiently to allow for optimum output. Processes such as Level control, maintenance of flow from tank to tank using flowmeters and process gas analysing are just a few of the automated services that Pulse’s products ensure here.

Using our products within the chemical and petrochemical industry mitigates the risk factor greatly when dealing with these dangerous substances. Furthermore, our state of the art installations provides our customers with peace of mind, allowing their operation to run smoother than ever. We hope to provide your chemical or petrochemical operation with our time tested advanced technical attention for many years to come.

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Chemical and Petrochemical Product Detail


The SITRANS Probe LU is at the forefront of chemical industry liquid monitoring, with its continuous level measurement up to 12 m and process temperature from -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F).

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The SIPART PS2 positioner is the most widely used positioner in the chemical industry for linear and part-turn actuators. Its range of stroke of up to 130mm and angle of rotation from 30° to 100° makes it a must have product.

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The SITRANS P DS III is a state of the art pressure measurement transmitter providing the chemical industry with exceedingly accurate measuring capabilities and a very long measuring range.

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