With our goal of designing and supplying customised automated solutions to the manufacturing industry, we are taking a look at what this looks like in a time of limited movement, lockdown and how to bridge the gap to get your goods to your clients.

In recent weeks, we have seen a sudden and swift movement of safety, essential goods and mobilising your workforce to work from home in any way possible. As an independent supplier and designer of specialised automation and control solutions, we use state of the art technology to help you understand and fill this gap.

Why should you automate your systems during Covid-19?

Continued Production

Many grocery stores within South Africa experienced the initial “panic buying” and stockpiling of goods and groceries in their homes. With empty shelves in stores and fears of running out of food, the initial lockdown brought many industries to a grinding halt. Automating your production allows for your business to continue manufacturing despite extreme circumstances.  


Saving time and enhancing quality on your automated systems can save your business day-to-day and long-term costs. Automating your systems can lower your production costs and lower the price point for South Africans to be able access food.

Supply chain

With restaurants and food delivery recently reopening within South Africa, the need for hygienic and sanitary work processes are vital for the safety of employees and customers. By automating your processes and supply chain, you can get your goods from A to B with as little health risk as possible, keeping your team safe and manufacturing at full capacity.

Increased efficiency

Without needing to take a break during work hours, production and efficiency can be increased to 24 hours a day in manufacturing your companies goods.

Quality control

Having an automated and regulated process ensures high quality, every time. Saving your business time and wasteful costs.

While we await what South Africa and indeed what the world looks ahead for us this year, adapting and automating your business for the foreseeable future can assist and support your business long-term. Beyond the products we provide, we offer a comprehensive range of options, tailor made to the client’s requirement. This includes project management support services, installation, maintenance, training, plant upgrades and site modifications. Get in touch with our trained, experienced engineers and technicians today – https://pulsecontrol.co.za/contact/